Some Recession Proof Jobs

4:58 AM Posted by Jason

recession proof job
The dark recession is grappling all the US and everybody is awe struck with the epidemic of pink slip. Almost every company is sacking their employees from top to bottom to cut their cost. The companies are forcing the employees to work for 2-3 persons single handedly to cut the extra cost. So in this situation all the people are looking for the recession proof professions.
I like to help you out by providing some light on this matter.

Here is some recession proof jobs that will help you to keep your night sleep intact.

1. Debt Management Specialist :

Debt management specialists help you to get out of your debt. They work on clients financial problems and try to make the client get out of debt. For this they charge money. In most companies the Debt managers work on incentive basis but some companies offer fixed salaries too. In this market when every body is under debt this job is going to bloom more than the past.

2. Career Coach:

Another lucrative recession free job is the job of Career coach. In this time of slow economy, every body is trying to get a job. In this situation career coach is their sole helper. By giving them proper guidance you can gift your life a tension free future.

3. Construction Worker:

Carpenters, tradesmen, plumbers, electricians and other construction workers are always needed when there is any need of repair. No recession can stop you from repairing your pipes or house. So, this job will remain an all time hit.

4. Debt Collector:

Next recession proof job is the job of a debt collector. This job will not be able to give you satisfaction as you have to deal with loan and other debt defaulter. You have to contact them and make them to pay their due. But this job will not let you jobless as long as people ask for debt beyond their payment limit. So no recession can affect it.
recession proof job

5. Auctioneer:

The job of auctioneer is very little known but going to be hit as recession proof job. An auctioneer can help you selling different items like houses, valuable arts etc. No recession can steal away the job of an auctioneer as the banks and government always have to auction things to get money. So it’s better to opt for these jobs. Don’t think much otherwise the recession can offer you a pink slip.


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla said...

    Very practical and informative post. It comes in handy in this hard times. Thanks for the post. God bless.