Save Your Money On Electricity Bills

7:17 AM Posted by Jason

Save Electricity CostAll of us like to save some money for our future. Everyone is saving for better life but we all ignore the fact that reducing electricity bills is a great way to reduce the expense. One of the biggest budgets we have to make to pay the electricity bills. So if we can save decrease the electricity bills then we can save many dollars and also reduce the carbon footprint for the green environment. Lets discuss some ways to reduce the electricity expense.

1. First change the older lighting system. Install better energy efficient lighting which give more light with little wattage. Also swatch off the light when it is of no use.

2. Try to dry your clothes outside. Instead of washing machine dry your clothes outside, this can reduce huge electricity consumption.

3. Maintenance of refrigerator. Check whether the refrigerator cooling coils and other parts are working fine. Unclear coils can consume lot energy.

4. Unplug the electronic appliances when they are not in use. Appliances can consume phantom power even when switched off. So unplugging can save a lot of money.

5. Use cold water instead of hot water if don’t need warm water. Water consumes huge energy to make the warm. So these little steps can save huge money and make your budgeting a happy one.

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Another Bank Failure in Minnesota

8:08 PM Posted by Jason

On May 21st, Friday another small Minnesota bank closed its shutter down. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has taken over St. Paul, Minnesota based Pinehurst Bank with $61.2 million in assets and $58.3 million in deposits. 73 banks have already failed in this year and this is more than double than the 2009.

With the mounting losses on commercial property loans the small banks are still finding difficult to let them alive. Although many institutions is already showing profits and significant good results but still some small and midsized banks are in danger of wiping out. Recession is over still banks are not getting out of its clutches.

So lets hope for the best.

Reaction from Businesses for Obama’s HealthCare plan: Reducing benefits

10:12 AM Posted by Jason

Rising Health Care costVarious health care companies have already announced that the premium health care plan will be costlier as their cost is on the high. Some companies are also firing the empoloyees to cut down their cost. Most of the companies are cutting the benefits of customers to keep themselves in business.

If we check some companies, this grave situation can be felt. Caterpillar has announced that in the first year only it has to bear $100 million more cost to keep it afloat.

Medtronic the medical device manufacturer said that the new tax can escalate their cost and force them to fire workers.

On the other hand Verizone announced that they are cutting the benefits to cut down the cost. So get ready to pay more for your health care or you have to be satisfied with less benefits.

Top 10 Tax filling Mistakes - Part 1

9:13 AM Posted by Jason

Top 10 Tax filling MistakesIf you miss the federal income tax return, then you can have to pay hefty fine so always check for the common tax filing mistakes before submitting the return.

Wrong status filing:
While filing the tax return you have to specify your filing status like single or married filing separately or filing jointly. If you are married then you and your spouse has to agree on the point that whether you are going to file tax separately or jointly. You two can’t fill different status option as this can lead to more problem. Wrong status can result in denial of tax credit claims like dependent care credit etc.

Faulty Address:
While submitting the paper return always peel off the label on the tax form and make corrections in the label. If you don’t have the label, then print your name and address and file it with the return.

Missing Social Security Number:
While filing income tax return, your social security number is very much important. It helps you to get the deductions and your claimed credits. If you have entered wrong SSN then your claim can be rejected or delayed for the correction procedure.

Unsigned return:
Many people forget to fill up most easy job of return filing. They forget to sign the form. This last step is crucial and this can result in denial of the return or you can also have to pay the penalty for the delay. The person’s filing jointly should also remember to have the spouse’s signature on the return.

Errors in calculation:
While calculating the return always be careful and use calculators to avoid any mistake. The Internal Revenue Services can catch the mistake and make the changes. But there is no surety of it so any mistake in calculation can lead you to over pay. So always be careful during the calculation and make sure you have deducted and added all the items properly.

These are 5 mistakes that people do often while filing the return. Checkout the next post for the rest of the mistakes.

Results of Previous Polls

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Recent Poll (Vote now):
Oues: Are you worried on Mounting Bank Failures?
Yes: ?
No: ?

Poll 1: Are you interested in US Government jobs?
Yes - 75%
No - 25%
Don't know - 0%

Poll 2
Ques: Have you taken Auto Insurance for your Teenage child?
Yes 60%
No 20%
Have no children 20%

Poll 3
Ques:Have you committed any Mistake Filing your Tax?
Yes 85%
No 15%

Thanks for your participation.

Prepare for High Paying Government job

10:50 AM Posted by Jason

Prepare for High Paying Government jobUS Government is going to recruit 600000 employees in different departments within 4 years. Forbes reported this last week and it has already created a great impact in the US job market. The people who were looking for a job, are finding new hope of joining US government and serving the country. According to another report from USA Today, the number of six figure salary drawing government employees has increased in these days. So the Government jobs are attracting more and more youths and don’t loose the opportunity to get a high paying government jobs.

I am giving some of the high paying and challenging jobs that are being offered by the government
  • Special Agent, FBI
  • Airplane Pilot, Department of Agriculture
  • Patent Examiner, Patent and Trademark Office
  • Fire Management Officer, Department of Agriculture
  • Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Wildlife Biologist, Department of Agriculture
  • Archaeologist, Department of the Interior
  • Writer/Editor, Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Aerospace Engineer, Department of Transportation
  • Supervisory IT Specialist, FBI, etc.
Hope you can find a suitable job for you and secure your position.