What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance for a Teenager?

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average cost of car insurance for a teenager"What is the Cost of car insurance for the teenagers"? This is the foremost query which crops up in your mind, while purchasing a new car for your teenage children or especially when you have a teenager who likes to drive the car. Car insurance is a must for the new drivers and you should know in advance how much it is going to hurt you.

Companies providing auto-insurance always approach you using schemes that also include youngsters’. But according to survey large number of accident take place in the hands of young drivers (under 16 years of age). So it is obvious that the auto insurance companies will jump on these opportunities loading high amount of premiums in case of these adolescents. But as they grow up, sum of premium also shrink. So the average cost of car insurance for a teenager is always going to be higher than the others. This teenage car insurance premium will burn your pocket more.

Car insurance companies would love to get customers who don’t claim upon the policy and are subsequently rewarded. This plan called as ‘no claims discount’, offers the customers considerable discount of up to 75% of the yearly premium. Although this has to be collected between 5 to 7 years of your plan. Teenagers do not necessarily involve themselves with only one company but this claim is open to several others. For example you can at a time receive 1 year no claim discount of one company, while simultaneously earning 3 year plan of another one. If you buy insurance for your daughter or son then the premium can rise to 50-100%. Generally if you pay 2000$ for your insurance and eager to have insurance for your daughter then the cost can rise by 50% and you can have to pay near about 3000$ and if you like to have your son's insurance, then the cost can rise to near about 4000$.

Number of factors controlling average cost of car insurance for a teenager -

1. The kind of car used for insurance (like engine power, age of the car etc.)
2. Driver’s age
3. How old the car is
4. Security devices (if any)
5. Your purpose behind buying the car(personal or business)
6. Mileage measured during a certain period
7. Position of your garage
8. Rank of cover involved like 3rd party or else.

Average car insurance cost for teenagers

If you like to evaluate the cost of the car insurance for a teenager by yourself, then try to have a look at different online websites and get an online quote. It will take very little time to make you endowed with the data of the average cost of car insurance for a teenager and also what you can have to pay. In this method you can gather valuable information, needed to judge the cost of car insurance for a teenager, and moreover you don't have to waste a single penny for that. This knowledge also help you to choose the right insurance company.

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