Microsoft and Yahoo are now Partner for 10 years

6:28 AM Posted by Jason

Yahoo MSN Search PactOn Wednesday, Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc have announced the 10 year web search deal. They have tied to curb Google’s worldwide search dominance.

This deal was expected for long and now the Bing will be sole search engine for both the Yahoo and MSN. But the market is not at all happy with the deal. Yahoo shares have been fall by 12% as the investors were disappointed with the revenue sharing method and also with the lack of upfront payment. Google’s market price also down by 0.8%. Only Microsoft shares gave a bright face by advancing 1.4%.

According the deal now Bing will be the search engine for Yahoo site also. Yahoo sales team will work for the premium ad search selling.
Yahoo MSN Deal
This deal will not be effective right now it needs at least 2.5 years for getting the regulatory approval that means we have to wait for 2012 for the outcome of the deal. So lets hope for the best as Google is going to get its biggest contender in the name of Bing. Although still Google reigns at the helm as it is already having 65% search domination where as the Yahoo MSN combination is having only 28% search share in the world. Still lets hope for the best that Google is going to face its biggest threat in its reign.


  1. Darmawan said...

    This become a big threat for Google, hope Google can still win this time
    Currently, I still prefer Google search results rather than others

  2. Pookie said...

    nice microsoft + yahoo google i think google is in trouble