Banks with no Overdraft Fees: Consider some tips

6:11 AM Posted by Jason

bank fees

When you have to pay extreme amount of bank fees, it often becomes disagreeable to you. And when you are among the persons who handle their money very cautiously, it is more undesirable to pay a few hundred dollars every month as overdraft fees.

This is a carefully contrived strategy by banks to compel customers to pay fees. Banks are supposed to reorganize order of purchases, processing large purchases and small
purchases accordingly.

Another policy that they often use is to sign up clients routinely in plans like “overdraft protection”. People initially take it as an aid and overdraft their account. Little after this, banks shed off this as an excuse and start charging the customers.

Even if people became aware of this situation, the problem lies in the fact that all big banks except a few national banks are employing this device.

Consider a few things before going for banks that do not charge overdraft fees.
1) Go for a bank which ensures an online sign up system.
2) Make sure the bank is FDIC covered.
3) Go for it if only it allows you online banking, balance transfer etc.
There are few banks which do not employ overdraft-fees and are set for business. Select carefully and it may lead you to choose the right bank for you.

Banks that do not charge overdraft-type fees are still rare, but they are out there and open for business. Most banks prefer to continue to make huge money off of their customers in the form of overdraft fees. It's worth making the effort to find a bank that refuses to charge overdraft fees of any sort.