Reaction from Businesses for Obama’s HealthCare plan: Reducing benefits

10:12 AM Posted by Jason

Rising Health Care costVarious health care companies have already announced that the premium health care plan will be costlier as their cost is on the high. Some companies are also firing the empoloyees to cut down their cost. Most of the companies are cutting the benefits of customers to keep themselves in business.

If we check some companies, this grave situation can be felt. Caterpillar has announced that in the first year only it has to bear $100 million more cost to keep it afloat.

Medtronic the medical device manufacturer said that the new tax can escalate their cost and force them to fire workers.

On the other hand Verizone announced that they are cutting the benefits to cut down the cost. So get ready to pay more for your health care or you have to be satisfied with less benefits.