2009 Experiencing the Used Gold Rush

10:33 AM Posted by Jason

gold powerAll the economically downtrodden Americans today are trying to sell their jewelry and gold to have some extra cash. As the gold price is shooting upwards, the used gold sell is attracting more Americans than anything else. People from every income level are going to sell their old unused gold to earn some quick cash.

According to report gold prices have almost gone up by 50% since 2006 where as the stock price has been down by 37%. So it’s a high time for the Americans to encash their long saved high return gold power. Even diamond is also being tried for quick cash.

For this growing interest of selling valuable jewelry and major gems, auction houses are also finding themselves in the seventh heaven. They are also trying to be selective while choosing the auction items and antiques.

In these days the gold prices is increasing whereas the other gem prices are not so lucky. The diamond price has been down from last year.

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