Some Important Things that Gas Stations won’t Let you Know

9:47 AM Posted by Jason

gas stationEvery one of us refuels our car at gas stations but are you sure that you know all about the stations and their fuels? Don’t go by their big oil company names. There are many factors that you should know to save your money and also to break the wrong ideas.

Do you think every branded gas stations offer same rate for your gasoline? Then avoid your permanent gas station and go near by gas stations. Generally oil companies give gas to gas stations at different rates depending on some factors like competition of the station and the location (station at town must have costlier gasoline). So always look for the cheapest station.

Another misconception is costlier gasoline are better because their additives can make your engine clean and environment fresh. But this is not true. There is very little difference between different branded gases.

Your debit card also can cost you dearer if you have very little balance left. Some banks also charge you for using the card. Checkout the complete article here