Your Family Budget just 3 steps away

6:23 AM Posted by Jason

Family BudgetHave you ever tried to make a cost-cutting by making your family-budget? Not yet? Are you not sweeping with the worldwide wave of recession? It must be fear which is working in you. For, in case failure in maintaining that, it might generate in you the sense of helplessness. So why do not you try my innovating 3 fundamental elements of budgeting.

Essentially all you have got to do , is, to put things in place so that your expenditure is lesser to your income.

STEP ONE- It is important that you track accounts of money needed to be spent in different places like grocery shop, telephone, transportation, entertainment etc. Keep an eye on how much money is getting out of your bank account. Make this paper on common places where usually you are available.

STEP TWO- Do at the same time keep datas clearly stating the sources of your income and most importantly the amount. Every single money receive you should put down.

STEP THREE- Make four columns –first indicating places where you have spent money, second showing how much money you have spent on each and every thing, third showing the source of getting that ,and fourth or the last one showing how much money you obtained. Count both of these columns and see which one is larger. If the sum of your income is better than your operating expense, then you are in fine form. If not, subsequently you have to observe where you can slash your operating cost or lift your revenue.

From today starting following this and you will see how you flourish in these hard days.


  1. Farrukh Iftikhar Siddiqui said...

    Very nice sharing it will help us. Keep doing the same cuz People need more good ideas for money saving.. Because We all know how to earn money But most of us don't know how to spend it. Take Care

  2. mADdY said...

    grt info,i'll try!!

  3. jason said...

    Thanks people...we all should show some prudence to go through this hard time called recession..i appreciate your valuable comments...keep an eye on this...i will try to provide more...

  4. lilo said...

    really useful information, thank you for this.