Prepare for High Paying Government job

10:50 AM Posted by Jason

Prepare for High Paying Government jobUS Government is going to recruit 600000 employees in different departments within 4 years. Forbes reported this last week and it has already created a great impact in the US job market. The people who were looking for a job, are finding new hope of joining US government and serving the country. According to another report from USA Today, the number of six figure salary drawing government employees has increased in these days. So the Government jobs are attracting more and more youths and don’t loose the opportunity to get a high paying government jobs.

I am giving some of the high paying and challenging jobs that are being offered by the government
  • Special Agent, FBI
  • Airplane Pilot, Department of Agriculture
  • Patent Examiner, Patent and Trademark Office
  • Fire Management Officer, Department of Agriculture
  • Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Wildlife Biologist, Department of Agriculture
  • Archaeologist, Department of the Interior
  • Writer/Editor, Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Aerospace Engineer, Department of Transportation
  • Supervisory IT Specialist, FBI, etc.
Hope you can find a suitable job for you and secure your position.


  1. Julie said...

    Thanks for the informative post. I was looking for a suitable job for last few months but got very little info on a good job. Your infos are really helpful for me. Thanks